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Traditional or technological high school

Author: Lena Emo
Once the decision has been made to go ahead and do high school at home, now comes the decision of how are we going to do it? Choices in curriculum has grown significantly in the past years, and in many different forms. I for one choose to start my 7th grader towards online classes, this way when reaching high school level, they will be familiar with the expectancy that goes with higher learning and having to answer to a teacher. It also gives me the freedom to work with my younger children. I do give my children the choice of what they would like to... Read More

High School Part 2

Author: Lena Emo
I know it's been a few weeks writing about high school, the next step in the process had me think of different perspectives to go down this road. I thought of curriculum next, then on to the goal of the student, and I realized these are important, and I will be addressing these issues. For me though, I thought of what I struggled with most, my endurance to run the race and finish this academic journey.

I would love to say this is an easy road. Easy~no, rewarding~yes. I would like to clarify the two, nothing in life worth anything is easy, work is... Read More

Slow Fade

Author: Lena Emo
The debate on February 4th with Ken Ham and Bill Nye bothered me. Every believer on the face of the earth should have been tuned in and have their eyes glued to this debate. This is not only about science, this is about who we are as born again believers. I guess what bothers me the most is, when the Ken Hams of the world no longer speak on this topic what will we do then? Not that I'm thinking he's going anywhere soon, but it is a question I've thought of today. Lately, it's a question I've been asking over and over to myself. Ken Ham is willing to lay... Read More